The Birth of Project Kenneth

The Birth of Project Kenneth

It took me a while before I was finally able to start working on my online presence. I've been in the industry for almost 10 years. I believe that this is the perfect time to have one. And so, I worked on it! Let me share with you my journey so far.

The Paths Not Taken (and Taken)

It all started in September 2020 and, my main focus was "How can I share my knowledge in the most effective way?".

At the time, I had three possible paths in mind: side projects, technical articles and, video tutorials.

Since side projects and video tutorials are more interactive, they were my initial choices. Unfortunately, I was dealing with a lot of stuff then. Because of that, I know I lacked the biggest requirement for the two: time.

This is why I chose to write technical articles instead. Since every article is independent of each other, I can work on them whenever I'm free. Essentially, writing technical articles was the least demanding choice for me.

On Technical Articles

For my articles, I chose to focus on the following topics:

  1. Tutorials - I cover the usual step-by-step instructions on how to do certain dev tasks.
  2. Technical Thought Exercises- Like Marvel, I focus on the "what if?" questions in these articles.
  3. The Developer Life - I know this is not 100% technical but, we do have lives, right?

As for my actual technical focus, I'm writing about JavaScript, C#, Azure, OutSystems, .NET, Java, HTML and, CSS. Basically, I cover the tech stack I'm more familiar with as well as whatever I'm studying at present.

Stepping It Up

2020 ended with me having published just two articles. My next article was published almost half a year later (June 2021). Since then, I've been publishing around two articles per month!

The majority of my articles are under the "Technical Thought Exercises" category. I'm planning to publish more tutorials in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to look out for my upcoming articles!

Wrapping It Up

I do believe that my writing style has significantly improved. I have learned a lot from others. I am now more focused on quality and branding. Of course, I'm always trying to be more consistent.

I know that I still have more to learn. I'm always open to trying out new things. In fact, I am currently registered to the Hashnode Bootcamp - The Art & Business of Technical Writing. I'm so excited to learn more during this event!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading about my journey!

What do you think should I write about next? Share your thoughts in the comments!